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They need to update the app

By Coca_cutie   

The reason why I think they need to update the app is because they’re letting a five-year-old girl live of a not a 13-year-old and that’s like a problem because it says you may not go live because you are under age

02/15/2024 21:44:52

By kittymama838   

I love The app a lot it helps me to make new friendships,everyone is nice. But I don’t like how you keep deleting my sounds and please make a new design for it

02/15/2024 18:59:26
Why can’t I see what I want

By 😔🎊   

Every time I search up a video or a song name it gives me something else and that’s not what I’m looking for if I’m looking for a like a song it’s give me Peppa Pig with something I just want to get what I search up so this is why I gave you a one

02/15/2024 18:39:06
I liked it but it’s getting annoying

By lkmk.k   

There was a video with a cat emoji and it said next “what color is yours?” And it showed all types of shades of pinks on the screen. I knew it meant a girls private part and I tried to report it and it said “no violations detected” we need some HUMAN moderators because ai is clearly not working and it has done this hundreds of times even when it’s showing clear inappropriate things like revealing clothes or more. If your sensitive to this DO NOT GET THE APP! Likee please get some human monitors PLEASE!

02/14/2024 22:07:22
don’t download

By unknownnun   

this app is awful.

02/12/2024 18:56:03
Why I Love It❤️

By D.S. C Danni   

I love this app so much and it really works like tiktok!! But sadly tiktok banned me but thank you to my cousin who made me get this app!! Now I'll be posting from now on!! ❤️❤️❤️

02/12/2024 18:03:27
Mad inappropriate!!

By Lil tinaa❗️   

Hello, it is Valentina Rose Portes and I am here today because I had the app Likee, and I put 12 years old thinking that it would be kid like, but NO I see VERY inappropriate videos This is horrible especially if your child is on this app! I’m talking about no kid lower then 14 should be on this app. Unless you want your kid to be exposed to inappropriate things at a young age. This goes to the creator of Likee, please STOP having inappropriate videos on this app! I don’t recommend ANY KID getting this app!! Here is what I have experienced with Likee, a GROWN WOMAN was sending me a link to a inappropriate video. Her picture was SUPER inappropriate. The next day, I have 5 other GROWN WOMAN sending me a bad inappropriate link saying "Do you want to see my b00bs and butt?, click on this link." !! I hate this app

Developer Reply Reply Time 02/14/2024

Dear user,
Apologies for any inconvenience caused. We're dedicated to fostering a safe and positive content environment for diverse users. Please report the illegal user ID through [Help and Feedback] in the app or send an email to [email protected]. We'll address it promptly. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

02/12/2024 17:08:18

By Giannalis mariah gomez    (This Review has been Deleted)

This is so weird I hate it

Developer Reply Reply Time 02/14/2024

Dear user,
Sorry for the inconvenience. If you have specific questions or suggestions, please provide feedback to the [Help and Feedback] in the APP/send an email to [email protected]. We will synchronize your feedback with relevant teams for evaluation and continue to optimize the product in the future.

02/11/2024 14:49:28

By Abusido1   


02/11/2024 13:23:23
Amazing app

By TR1CKorTR3AT   

The app is just amazing I love the app

02/11/2024 07:00:51
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