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Won't let me log in

By Cjgamergirl   

I go Pinterest a few days before my twelfth birthday and it wouldn't let me sign up because I'm not 12. After my twelfth birthday I tried to sign up again because the age limit is 12+, but it still didn't let me sign up. Please fix this.

04/12/2024 09:18:20
Constantly Removing My Pins

By RedShyft   

Their AI or mod team, don't care which, keeps removing my pins. Its flagging anything and everything as adult content now, so beware if you feel inclined to use this app.

04/12/2024 07:16:32
WAYYY too many ads

By magicshop94   

Cute tho

04/12/2024 04:19:48
Bugs galore! This app needs pest control.

By Arcade Critic   

I have been a Pinterest user for many years now. There are many things I enjoy about the app. I think that the idea of having a digital platform where users can not only create posts but also save posts they see on their feed and even create collections of posts that all have one thing in common is a genius concept. There are so many things to love about Pinterest, however the app is riddled with bugs. Not long ago I created a board on Pinterest titled memes and began adding pins to it, however I noticed that this board unlike any of my other pinterest boards did not have a more ideas button at the top of it right next to organize button. Furthermore, when I created a new board titled meme, and moved all of my pins from that board to the new one, and then deleted the only board, hoping that if I created a new board to replace the old one, that perhaps the new board would have the new ideas button, I ran into another problem. After moving all my pins from the old board to the new one and then deleting the old one, I then attempted to change the name of that board from meme to memes, but when I tried to do this it wouldn’t let me change the name of the board, insisting that I still had another board that was already named memes in spite of the fact that I did not. If all that wasn’t enough, the new board also did not have the new ideas button. I have no idea why every time I try to create a meme board on Pinterest, none of the meme boards I try to create have ever had the more ideas option. I’ve never had any issues like this with any of my other boards so I’m still kind of baffled as to why this is happening. I sincerely hope Pinterest fixes this bug soon.

04/12/2024 03:43:15
As a designer- I live in Pinterest. Wish Apple would make Safari compatible tho!!!

By Heartfeltdesigns   

Why is Pinterest no longer compatible with Apple iPhone and Safari? I literally can no longer pin from my iPhone. I have to take a screen shot and pin from that. On my computer I have to be in Google. What gives? It’s my most used app and it’s driving me crazy.
I can’t imagine working without using Pinterest as a tool for myself and as a way to communicate with clients. Pinterest- I f’ing love you.

04/12/2024 02:52:38
Dotted lines!! Scissor feature??

By RiikaW   

These dotted lines on every image I view, outlining every single object in the picture makes me want to delete this app.
It ruins the user experience when every time you click a pin/image, white dotted lines dance around every single item in the picture like the dune worm. It takes away from the ux and is very distracting.
Please remove this scissor feature. Or at the least make at an enable/disable feature. I am not the only one complaining about this. Check Reddit!

04/12/2024 00:43:30

By Clau.z   

perfect for finding anything from great simple but delicious recipes to hilarious memes, highly recommend

04/12/2024 00:01:38

By HOPE :,'3   

This is the only app I turn updates off for and this is why. I accidentally updated the app and now the ability to filter search results to see just profiles or boards for example has been removed! Why was this even implemented? Every update gets worse and worse takes things away that’s pointless to get rid of. I’m not really sure what the developers are thinking with this. Please bring it back.

04/11/2024 23:23:01
Amazing app

By PokeDre9   

The people who made Pinterest should know that they did it an amazing job at producing this app because it is very entertaining and it has a lot of stuff that you can use

04/11/2024 21:30:42
Not good

By A.M.111311   

I tried to log into this app. Every time it asks me for my birthday I put the right one and it says I am not legible to join Pinterest and I e tried deleting it and then downloading it again but it doesn’t work.

04/11/2024 20:20:59
No DataNo Data
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