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CapCut - Video Editor
Video maker with music
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By райааа   

не понравилось 👎🏻

07/18/2024 04:26:42
Terrible but amazing

By Whatever floats your boat…   

CapCut is a very simple editing program that actually makes editing easy but there’s one problem that I have with it, everything is premium now which makes us super hard to edit now and a video that I’ve been saving up for a while, which was actually kind of good, but I didn’t post it on YouTube because it didn’t seem like the right time now because is premium now I won’t be able to do it and I’ll have to use their lazy self cut out if you think you can handle complex editing, I would recommend anything else literally anything!

07/18/2024 03:10:46
Too much stuff locked behind paywall

By Ohhcihcgchcvajbwjwvekhskbsnodj   

Very good editing software but most of the good features are only available through CapCut pro which you have to pay for. Maybe add some high quality features for free.

07/18/2024 01:24:33
Remove background

By Fanny Brice   

The remove background all the way should be free like it was! It should not be something to pay for! Like why change it! It makes the app not as good! It makes photo quality bad!

07/18/2024 01:07:44
this app is driving me crazy

By Macî   

i get on to edit yeah, then i try to add an overlay and apparently i don’t have any media.

07/18/2024 00:55:15
Good app. But some things are annoying me.

By KurtCobain'sCigarette   

I've been using Capcut for months, maybe years. I use it for making edits, and watching and using the templates. It's a good app. Many options for editing, and whatever. But, as of recently, the templates are getting annoying. First, when I try and use a template, it for no reason switches to the option of taking your own photo, when I want to use photos I already have. It's annoying, and I can barely use a lot of templates. Second, when I use the templates, the whole video is completely off center, to where I can only see have of the video. I have to click off, and back onto the video to actually see it. Also, it's updated a lot. Like, a lot. All the time. It's a little frustrating, because when I'm off internet, I like to watch my own edits and templates I've made, but I can't because I have to download it or whatever. Which takes up space. I'm already running low on space. the amount of things that are for premium is excessive. I can make a decent edit without it, but make some effects for things that are both good, and for free.
But otherwise, I love this app. It's good for beginners and professionals. I recommend it. K, gn I sleep now.

07/17/2024 23:48:13
My favorite app to edit with

By Nick from the quarry   

This is amazing I always use the template It’s my whole YouTube channel thank you so much for this amazing stuff

07/17/2024 22:39:39
CapCut is actually getting a bit annoying

By By someone else   

Capcut is making almost everything pro which is not fair because I need those stuff to edit like when I try a template and I want to save it I CANT BECAUSE CAPCUT HAD TO NERVE TO MAKE IT PRO LIKE FOR EXAMPLE WHEN I WANT TO SAVE SOMETHING BECAUSE CAPCUT 😡 GAD TO MAKE IT PRO OH AND ITS NOT ONLY THAT ITS THAT WHEN I WANT TO PUT THE LINE OVERLAY LIKE THE REMOVING BACKGROUNDS LIKE THE FASTEST WAY IT GOT pro .. sorry for being dramatic and upset CapCut i was just very mad ever since you made almost everything pro I’m very sorry but please change it .. thanks and I enjoy the app ! 💓💗

07/17/2024 22:33:12
Is there a way?

By bad app need money back   

I've been using capcut for awhile, but just today my mom tried setting me an account up. She didn't like Something and deleted the whole app. She then said I could re-download it, so I did.. None of my extracted audios saved, neither did my projects. That was about 2 years of editing and memories down the drain, I remember using it to take videos of me and my friends in the previous grades. And now that's gone. I'm pretty sure my mom emailed your industry and asked you to send you a way to fix it, but my emails don't exactly work right. So I was just wondering if your could try to add my projects and audios back in. I've been waiting all day but nothing has shown. I haven't previously had an account or been signed in, so this one is really up to the company I guess- 😅 but other than that small issue this a great app for editing and the templates are great too! Pls let me know if there is a way you can undo this for me! Thanks☺️

07/17/2024 21:52:23
Where is the motion tracking???

By Marymi91   

When it works, it’s amazing but sometimes motion tracking option is just gone for weeks, and you have to pray to CapCut gods to bring it back, while that’s one of the biggest things they advertise on their website lol. What a JOKE

07/17/2024 21:52:15
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