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Kindly add dual number option for ios users

By asadakram42   

When you add dual number option for ios user as for android users

02/16/2024 02:57:25
Banned for Nothing


I have never used WhatsApp before and I tried to message a person in Romania on business and immediately got banned for spam. Please fix this bug.

02/16/2024 00:12:54

By Papinasi   

It’s a very nice app thanks for the improvement so far but I think "edit" should be added to status so you can get to correct wrong spelling and lots more thanks

02/15/2024 23:50:22

By Scary mei   

**trigger warning of stalking, harassment**
Hello, I want to say that while this app was good it really lacks privacy, making my experience scary and traumatic for me. I am a college student and in one of my semesters I had to use WhatsApp for one of my classes. It was a group chat and all was fine until a classmate decides to privately (I DID NOT provide my number to this person) message me using MY PHONE NUMBER PROVIDED BY WHATSAPP to message me and to harass me. It was scary and traumatic for me. This event has made me really anxious in using WhatsApp because of this; and while I understand that it was this person actions to do this, i feel like if this app hadn’t use my number as a way to distinguish me in the group chat then it would’ve never happened. My idea would be for the app to not use our # numbers as a name tags in groups and in private messages on this app but instead to actually using our name that was in bio or use “unknown user” if person hasn’t updated it. Also I would suggest a “befriend” option to also prevent people from looking up peoples numbers and y allow users to see our numbers unless they are friends. Also this app should to remove the whole archive/block part that deletes evidence that may help with crimes because I wanted to show my college’s police the texts that was sent by my harassor but they all got deleted because of the apps achieved program. Another thing I found strange and what the staff to look into is for the blocking to actually work. For me and from what I remember when I blocked the person, it worked for the private messaging on the app but not in the group apps (if I’m remembering correctly) and for if I were to block someone I believe that the app should prevent the block-EE from looking up peoples phone number too. That was the reason why they took it upon themself to message me privately on iPhone messaging.
While it’s been a year that this has happened and I was smart enough and lucky enough that I talked to police and it wasn't a situation that escalated to the point of it being dangerous, it still haunts me and I’m terrifies me because it could’ve been more serious. It took me a while to write review but I realized to speak up so other doesn’t go through this. I just want customers to know what could happen and the WhatsApp staff to change their app to make it more safe for people. It gets one star from me because beside of the lack of privacy, it was good app to help with homework, and missing assignments and how to’s, I just won’t be using this again.

02/15/2024 22:14:11
Falta la cámara frontal en videollamadas estado en el exterior

By Ññjoagak   

La verdad antes cuando hacía videollamadas jamás se veía todo blanco desde que actualice mi WhatsApp no se alcanza a ver nada de nada espero pronto lo arreglen

02/15/2024 22:13:48

By jeeynvasqz   

Porque no se escuchan las historias de WhatsApp 🙂

02/15/2024 22:02:20
Review = good

By Valentin1020   

Very cool

02/15/2024 20:00:00
No funciona bien

By Y369na   

No funciona en mi iPhone 11 apenas mando 2 o 3 mensajes y ya dice que estoy mandando spam y me deja incomunicado por horas

02/15/2024 19:14:30
The best

By OliveiraRaquel   

What a amazing idea 🙏🙏🙏

02/15/2024 17:32:04
please fix

By exebryan5   

i turned off notifications i still get them i left a group chat dan im still getting calls and when i ignore it it doesn’t work

02/15/2024 17:01:23
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