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App Is Great but…

By SweetestMel_   

The app is great! The developers are obviously very talented and very intelligent. I have always been impressed with the technology. Management needs work, reason I knocked off a star, and some of the users are out there but that’s life. :-)

02/15/2024 18:08:09
Audio bug

By Cl0vess   

I am singing but like genuinely my voice becomes off beat. Like it’s not my headphones or audio. I think it’s the app. But yeah.

02/13/2024 23:09:29
Weird glitched echo

By Lotus_kun   

Ever since the new update every time I redo a song it makes this high pitched sound and messes up my audio. I thought it was my headphones so I bought new ones but the problem is still there.

02/13/2024 22:11:44
Wow. Not worth $$$

By Kat95bugg   

I’ve used Smule on and off for YEARS. It used to be an amazing app. But tell me how do you justify the INSANE price jumps to become VIP? How did this go from 9.99 a month to now 9.99 a week or 19.99 a month??! A 10 dollar price jump in under a year! That’s ridiculous. I don’t care to be VIP for that much cost. I miss the old Smule and won’t be using it again unless the price drops.

02/13/2024 10:02:00
im done for 🙏🏿

By mcapanelli   

I was cussing out ed sheeran and at the end I asked if he was real, he said “yeah im singing with you” I thought it was pre recorded 😭🙏🏿

02/12/2024 19:07:10
Dr Nick jadeja from USA

By Dr from USA   


02/12/2024 10:24:27
Loading saved songs

By Telecaster8246   

The app itself is the best karaoke app in my opinion but lately you can’t even load the songs that you’ve done without an internet connection issue all the time. It takes forever to load songs and super annoying when I have all bars and even wifi a lot of times. I hate paying for stuff that I can’t even use.

02/11/2024 14:16:35
Unhealthy environment parents beware

By Lana Richie   

I feel compelled to share my deep concerns about Smule Karaoke's customer support system and the potentially harmful effects of the app on users' mental health. The lack of personalized support and the presence of a toxic user environment have made my experience on this app far from pleasant.
First and foremost, the customer support system provided by Smule Karaoke is nothing short of disappointing. Instead of addressing serious issues with care and understanding, the support team relies on generic automated responses that do not effectively address users' concerns. This lack of genuine engagement is both concerning and frustrating.
Furthermore, I am deeply troubled by the impact that Smule Karaoke can have on individuals with mental health issues. The unhealthy user behavior and toxic surroundings on the platform are alarming. As a responsible parent, it is essential to exercise caution and closely monitor children when they use this app. The potential for encountering negative and unhealthy interactions is a serious concern.
It is disheartening to witness such a toxic environment on an internet platform. Smule Karaoke should put more effort into nurturing a safe and supportive community for users. The lack of moderation and intervention in handling harmful behavior perpetuates an atmosphere that can be detrimental to mental well-being.
In conclusion, Smule Karaoke's customer support system is unimpressive, providing generic automated responses to critical issues. The app's potential impact on the mental health of its users, especially vulnerable individuals, should be a cause for concern. Parents should exercise vigilance when their children use this app, considering the unhealthy and toxic surroundings that can be witnessed on the platform.

02/11/2024 14:00:31
La nueva renovación

By Azul_Tequila   

El Sistema de la restauración de Smule no es muy buena y también no se me ase correcto que ayas insignias con más privilegios para miembros que agan sentir menos a la mayoría de los miembros

02/11/2024 13:36:41

By TheLegend56   

I downloaded it and paid for only a one week subscription ended up not loving it and deleted the app and forgot about it until I had a second charge try to come through my card the next week so I canceled the subscription but it didn’t matter because they sent the request for the payment 3 days after my one week was up so even if i seen it and immediately canceled once I realized it was a recurring charge it would still be too late.

02/11/2024 04:36:35
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