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Smule: Sing Songs & Make Music
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Why do I have to pay?

By rb_75043   

I like the app but why do I have to pay to sing alone I can’t pay rn and I hate this app just saying if you want to sing do not download this app you have to pay

07/17/2024 22:17:08

By Caitlin bissell   

I love this app but I just sang 1 song yea 1 SONG! But it’s making me pay to sing more?! Cant you just let us sing all we want? I was gonna sing another one of my favorite songs until it told me to pay! I do recommend this app but you do have to pay money just to sing another song..well..I think bc it happened to me

07/17/2024 11:39:26
I liked it but has flaws...

By ඩාElla_Playsඩා   

The sing part is great though sometimes my microphone is weird and makes my voice sound echoey, I came here to sing to Melanie Martinez songs and I found some of her unreleased songs on there, like I scream or dragons blood, Melanie does not want us to listen to her unreleased songs, If you respect her privacy can you delete them? please do!

07/17/2024 04:09:38
Let me down

By 𝔸𝕝𝕖𝕤𝕤   

It WAS so much better before. Now you have to pay and don’t even have any free songs to sing. Like???

07/17/2024 03:30:48
Money Grabbers

By CheyenneDirectionSPN   

I redownloaded Smule for the first time since I was in highschool just out of curiosity. I got excited when I saw the "gifts" option, bc i thought it was like TikTok where you can make money. Nope. You can BUY coins with real money, "gift" a singer on the app and all it does it send them a GIF and all the money goes directly to Smule. Sad to me, could be something cool that would keep folks around

07/16/2024 09:15:38
Fix the song title font color, black on black unusable!!

By Gajafferi   

Song titles are black in color with a black background completely unusable as to what song is available for selection. Requested several times for customer support to have this fixed completely ignored. Please fix this until then. The Live Jam feature is unusable.

07/15/2024 21:55:33

By MitsukiCO   

I ♥️ dis app! The best thing about is you can hear yourself singing in it (your real voice) it’s great. I enjoy it so muchhhhh. Download it nowwwwwwww

07/15/2024 19:01:37

By Down4lyfe   

Paying for solo singing is robbery and trash. At the app STARMAKER is FREE SOLO SINGING. I rather go there

07/15/2024 06:49:20
A few complaints

By 0Ballora9   

I hate the new orientation so much, the one where it’s all stacked on top of each other on the profile of what you sang, there used to be a button to change how the orientation was, (the other way with the photos of the songs in squares on top of each other was better) and now you can’t. It’s forced an ugly orientation for your profile and I don’t like it… if you get what I’m saying please fix it it’s soo ugly and hard to navigate cause you can scroll through profiles slower, and it’s just not good to look at anymore. Also, the VIP pricing is outrageous. Half a $100 for only a year? I feel it should be around $25 for a year, and $10 dollars a month. This app is way too money-hungry and it’s super overpriced. Plus, there isn’t even that many benefits to VIP like you suggest! When I had it, it felt like it only have access to making invites and changing your profile a little.. nowhere close to being worth $50. And the one update that came out a few years ago.. (The one where invites close after about 7 days) is a horrible update and it limits you so bad if you don’t have VIP. Then, for some unpopular songs you’ll have to wait months for a VIP to sing it, instead of an old invite being there to join at any time. Finally, you should really add the fast-forward button to recordings again. From a few years ago where you could press it and jump through parts of the song. I always used that feature and it was one of my favorites, but I don’t think it’s likely to come back. Please take my concerns into consideration.

07/15/2024 01:45:29

By tinabinalol   

Every time I finish the song it makes me out of sync with the song it’s very annoying please fix.

07/14/2024 22:13:22
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