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iPad change

By Zraja101   

Can not longer access the gif/emoji/image menu on iPad. I can see it, but only about 1mm of space is dedicated to it at the bottom of the app. Basically unusable in the current state.
Eddit: Developer response is canned and does not address the fact that the program is broken and they're not fixing it. There is no way to access gifs and other multimedia features at this time on ipad and it looks from this response that they have no plans to fix it.

Developer Reply Reply Time 02/17/2024

We appreciate your report regarding the matter.
For instructions on how to submit a bug, you can find them on our Help Center article here: https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/articles/360046057772

02/16/2024 02:19:33
Horrible new UI with more horrible bugs

By emi17384826   

The new UI is really clunky to me. I don’t like the direction it’s gone, but it’s not a dealbreaker.
What is, though, is the insane amount of bugs that have happened since this new switchover. There would be bugs before, sure, but they weren’t a common thing and not much of nuisance.
Now, every update fixes bugs and creates new ones. The amount that I’ve come across is insane - from as little as no screen rotation to my mic not activating unless I mute and unmute first.
The new UI update was annoying to deal with already, but this constant barrage of bugs is becoming exhausting.

Developer Reply Reply Time 02/17/2024

Do you still experience voice connection issues after swapping to another WiFi network or using data?
If restarting your device also doesn't help, please head to this Help Center article for more steps to try: https://dis.gd/mobile-voice-help

02/16/2024 01:27:53

By gekyome   

being back the old layout or make it a toddle option on mobile. i cant stand this hideous layout. nothing about it is good

02/15/2024 23:51:30
New + sign interface worse

By LokianEule   

Just another in the latest un-improvements to the app UI. The search function is worse and now so is uploading photos. Takes an extra click than before. Clicks for accessing the camera and files isnt any better. But now theres this extra useless add thread button. As if thats a button i needed quicker access to. Who makes threads so much they needed this here?? At the inconvenience of more clicks for uploading images, which i do all the time??? App just keeps getting worse and worse. Cant wait for ppl to get sick of discord and move to a new platform. Everybody cancel your Nitro bc they dont care about user experience anymore. Just wait they’ll start embedding ads or something for investors
Edit: new “add file” UI update has also given me a bug where keyboard wont go back down after sending a message. I hate this app

Developer Reply Reply Time 02/17/2024

We appreciate your report regarding the matter.
For instructions on how to submit a bug, you can find them on our Help Center article here: https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/articles/360046057772

02/15/2024 23:29:58
By Kathy

By Kathy/Kathryn   

Bro, it didn’t let me make another account because my other one I logged out and it wouldn’t let me log back in. I was so mad I nearly broke my phone.

Developer Reply Reply Time 02/17/2024

If you haven't done so already, please try reinstalling the app and restarting your device.
If you're still experiencing login issues afterwards, I'd advise to try the steps provided here: https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/articles/360057027354

02/15/2024 23:18:06
Uneccecary changes

By name for reveiws   

Please stop changing the layout every 2 months we beg of you, its become a serious meme and it is not improving our day to day use of the app, in fact its making it worse. Its like when youtube removed the dislike button. No one wants this

02/15/2024 23:12:30
New interface

By SpencerLRK   

The new interface is atrocious, literally from a user experience standpoint it’s terrible.
From the color saturation in the app, to the incredibly poor decisions to relocate major mobile features behind multiple taps.
The redesign was pretty much universally negative feedback, and yet they still pushed it through?
They’ve taken away the options we had to bring back the incredibly user friendly design they had. It’s like they released the design for user feedback, received the feedback and just ignored it. Shame. It’s a sad day when it’s easier to use in a browser window than in an app.
You are better than this discord.

02/15/2024 22:43:38

By Ahad elahi   

It is a really good app to chat with your friends

02/15/2024 22:42:33
Recent UI update Easter an hour of my life

By QAZ22   

Why hide the members in the search? If you are looking for where they hid members, it’s in the search.

02/15/2024 21:36:01
New Layout is bad

By Philistheman   

Used discord mobile for many years. They should stick to the old layout, new one is terrible. Would hope they would at least keep the old version as an option.

02/15/2024 20:59:22
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