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Amazing app

By Names are available   

I definitely free Coverstar 10 out of 10. It’s because it’s such a friendly app. It’s so fun and it’s so safe. Coverstar is also one of my favorites because you can spend so much time on there. If you send anything mean or comments, then you will be reported immediately. I don’t like is how hard it is to get an account. I spent like an hour just trying to make my account because it’s so difficult to sign in. But tell because it is very kid. Friendly thanks Coverstar definitely recommend.

02/15/2024 18:34:45
I love this app but I wish there could be some things that this app does not have

By hghdgjadgushiauwue   

I love the app Coverstar the only thing I do not like about this app o wish there was a longer time for the shorts and videos the only way to do that is t get verified But anyways everything else I love I love to challenges Love doing the community challenge it is fun Coverstar your app is so great
But and other thing is that why do I have to sign up and my parents have to put in their info and the age to get the app is 4+ but when you sign in you have to be 13+ but everything else is super good
Things I want to be fixed
Videos to be longer (without getting verified)
Put a better age range on the app because you did that when our parents and us have to use full access

02/15/2024 07:57:05

By Coverstar girl   

Love the app, but when you’re posting a video, and hit post but change your mind and hit cancel it deletes the WHOLE video then you lose everything you’ve made! Overall the app is pretty good and I still love it. But it REALLY makes you mad!

02/14/2024 16:42:09
Too many errors

By . . V   

Fun app but lots of errors and very slow. Not a very well and up to date app.

02/14/2024 16:18:46
5 stars

By Lulupgeorge   

I love this app! I can’t have tik tok so this is a good option! I don’t like that I only get one min to record tho

02/14/2024 13:30:10
My opinion

By Emily265@   

I love it so much and it is very safe from tik tok

02/13/2024 20:20:58

By Henhen64   


02/13/2024 15:57:57
Videos double

By Viviana the gamer   

My Videos keep doubling please fix that bug but over all thank you coverstar for following me also follow Vivianacakes22

02/13/2024 12:31:12
Problems with Coverstar

By Poo, poo dog   

It is a great app but some of it is bullying and that’s not OK because this is a bully free app and you have to get into this app and you don’t want to post. This is the password to it because it just automatically automatically let you post that you’re even more awesome but overall the app is probably a three stars because it doesn’t give you all the options on things you can search up like if I have a friend I can’t search them up in the saving account but if my mom doesn’t want me to have an account how am I supposed to get my friends and follow my friend and you can’t follow anyone without an account so please take us to consideration Coverstar, and fix that

02/12/2024 21:37:37
I LOVE this app


I really love this app but when i tried looking at my friends video a LOT of them said loading and never loaded a lot of videos do that. Even mine

02/12/2024 19:29:11
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